Web Links

Web Links

Below is a list of online resources to learn more about our congregation, our denomination, and other affiliations we have with different organizations.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

College Hill Reformed is a part of the Reformed Presbyterian denomination, meaning we hold to all the same standards and teachings that are laid out on the above website.

Geneva College

Not only is our church building on the campus of Geneva College, but Geneva is the Reformed Presbyterian denomination’s college. This allows our church to work together with Geneva on many different events, and allows us to have a fruitful ministry to the students of Geneva College.

Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

RPTS is our denomination’s seminary, located in Pittsburgh. The seminary not only trains many of the pastors in the denomination, but is also a great place for those who are not going into the pastorate to take classes and grow in their faith.

Hope Community RP Church

Hope Community is our sister congregation, located only a few blocks from us. While College Hill strives to have a strong ministry to Geneva College students, Hope Community has a focused outreach to the community of Beaver Falls.

Westminster Confession of Faith

Our church and our denomination as a whole holds to the beliefs put forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Reformed Presbyterian Home

The RP home is a retirement community located in Pittsburgh affiliated with our denomination.

Reformed Presbyterian Witness

The RP Witness is our denominational newsletter and provides updates about other congregations in our denomination, thoughtful articles from writers throughout the denomination, as well as prayer requests from brothers and sisters in Christ.

Crown and Covenant

Crown and Covenant Publications is a Reformed Christian publishing company under the oversight of the RPCNA.

RP Missions

RP Missions operates and organizes short-term mission trips under the RPCNA.


An online resource to view the Psalm Books we use for singing in worship.